Why I can’t understand…

With pictures


In this evening, we had a quiz in Branding class. This quiz was just 10% of grading, but I need the 10%. I cannot ignore the 10%. I tell you here for your information, Mid-term is 30% and Final is 40% of grading. The quiz was easy if it was in Japanese. However, it was of course in English, so it took a lot of time to finish for me…

There was a problem other than the quiz. I could not understand well what our instructor talked about this quiz the other day. She must have told us what she would ask in this quiz. I didn’t get it… So I had to broaden the area of study for this quiz…

We had a textbook for this class and from Chapter 1 to 15 of the book was exam coverage. I read it but I didn’t know how much I understood. As I expected, I was asked a question in the test what my understanding was not enough. I don’t like the quiz…

I still have frustrations very much in a class because I cannot understand English well. Comparing to the time when I came here 5 months ago, I have made much progress and can catch most of English word in their speaking lately. However, I don’t completely understand what it means. I don’t know why I don’t and am thinking the reason. I can hear the words, but cannot understand the meaning of whole sentences, although I know the meaning of each word.

It is same in reading. If I know all words’ meaning, I sometimes don’t understand. If I read the sentence twice or three times, I can understand. But I know that way is not good for getting English reading skill. So, I don’t read back. In most cases, I don’t understand what the author is saying, so it doesn’t look interesting and I feel bored to read it. It is a vicious circle.

Probably I need more time to get used to understand books without reading twice. There is no shortcut. How long does it take? That’s what I want to know most.


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