The 1st Anniversary in the U.S. and one resolution

Just one year ago, I moved from Japan to San Diego, California. I can’t forget it was September 6th, 2008. So, now you know, it is my first anniversary today.

For my anniversary, I have decided to start writing blog in this English blog service, WordPress. I have been writing my blog in English and Japanese in Japanese blog service called “Sean’s life in the republic of California.”

The reasons I made this decision are three as follows:

  1. Want to write blogs that can be read by people in global. My current blog is served in Japanese, so it is not friendly for non-Japanese.
  2. Need to talk topics that are interested by English local people. 70% of readers of my present blogs is Japanese and I pick up topics that I want to show them. Those things are often not interested by non-Japanese people. On this blog, I will sometimes introduce Japanese culture on the other hand of my Japanese blog.
  3. Cannot stand that my low English skill anymore. I strongly want to improve my English as fast as possible. I should “graduate” from Japanese.

Do me a favor of this blog readers. Please feel free correcting my English expression or asking me if you cannot understand what I am saying! That is the most effective way to learn language.

p.s The subdomain of this blog ends with “banaba”, not “banana’. This was not intentionally. Just my typo.Ā  šŸ™‚


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