Movies in September

I went to a movie this evening at Metreon. Three movies I saw after moving in SF. Every movies were not bad.

My quick review and score

Inglorious Basterds


It’s a Tarantino world! Very bloody movie. If you like Kill Bill, I promise you would also enjoy this movie.

Julie & Julia


I like this movie because I felt very comfortable and settled. Adding on that, I strongly wanted to go to nice restaurant. If you want someone to go to a dinner with you, you should see this movie. Meryl Streep acts totally different from her in my another favorite movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

District 9


This is awesome imaginative movie. It seems unrealistic, but I cannot say that 100%. Who can tell aliens don’t exist in the universe? The prawn shaped aliens looks really grotesque, so kids and people who don’t like such kind of dirty creatures might be unpleasant to see them. This movie suggest us to consider how we live with other creatures if they come in future.

    You will jump to IMDb if you clike the links above.

    Bottom Line

    I would recommend you to see above three movies, if you are wondering whether you go to.

    District 9 (Picture from IMDb)

    Picture 2


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