What a colorful life today

Coincident or intentional??

When I was taking off the office, I surprisingly saw a colorful arrangement of cars in front of the building. My car is red, of course. And you see a yellow, a green and a blue car side-by-side. I believe this was just a coincident happened. I felt a little bit happy and took this picture for sharing the happiness with you.



7 thoughts on “What a colorful life today

  1. I like it! My boyfriend has a yellow VW bug, and we always feel happy when we can park next to another VW bug or other small, bright car.

    1. He has a yellow beetle? That must be cute! When I parked my car in the morning yesterday, there were no such cars around mine. So I guess they came later and parked next to me to feel happy!

  2. Wow! Amazing acceleration in the video!

    The 3.8L engine of my mustang makes big sound, but has only 193-hp. Year 2003 model. I got this non-GT model because GT consumes too much gas… πŸ™‚

    I have Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT, which has 2L Boxer engine and 260-hp, in Japan. Year 2002 model. I love her, too. πŸ™‚

  3. So nice to read You answer. Thank You. It seems that You are also a “Car Lover” as I am. Yesterday I was vising four hours in ClassicMotorShow here. I found many interesting vintage sport cars there. One example is MG, which was great looking.

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