SF Restaurant Reviews by Sean: Nihon Whiskey & Edinburgh

This review is not about restaurants, but actually about bars. Last weekend, my buddy took me to a couple of bars. Yes, I have an “official” buddy at work. My company has such a unique system, and the buddy helps newbie to adopt the company atmosphere. My buddy is really nice guy, so even if he is not my official buddy, we should have hung out.

Nihon Whiskey Lounge


Food is almost real Japanese one. The way of decoration is also good. During happy hour, I remember it was until 7PM, some of the appetizer was half price. Edamame was just a dollar and tasted good.


Nothing outstanding bad thing was there. We didn’t stay a long time.


Nihon Whiskey Lounge

Edinburgh Castle Pub

Typical English pub.


It’s located near Geary and Larkin. Not a safe place, but not bad location. Customers can play darts and pool. Fish and chips are served in paper wrapped. Chips were so cheap, only three dollars.


Edinburgh Castle Pub




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