Movies in October 2

My quick review and score



I’m sure this movie will make a real hit in Japan. I thought this was scary movie, but actually it was a comedy. And for me, it reminded me to have a road trip because the characters in the movie drive on freeway and have a trip. Please don’t get around it because of creepy trailer. Try to see it. I promise you would have fun!

Paranormal Activity


Don’t go to this movie. You’ll waste your money and time. I didn’t enjoy this movie at all and even felt sick with feeling like awful motion sickness. This movie is filmed by a home camcorder, so the screen is always shaking… I wanted to leave out at half way of the movie, but I stayed only because I wanted to see how it ends. However, the ending was not still worth seeing… The worst movie ever. I won’t believe Fandango reader’s review never.

The picture of Zombieland from IMDb.

Picture 2


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