Movies in November 1 (In short: Movember?)

My quick review and score

Law Abiding Citizen


I like this kind of movie, which has a story you cannot tell what is coming next. I don’t want to spoil, so I don’ t say a lot about this movie. It is enough to see once for this movie.

The picture is from IMDb.

Picture 1

I have wrapped up my reviews as follows. This probably needs some adjustment. District 9 and Julie & Julia seems to get a little bit overscored.

8.5 District 9

8.4 Julie & Julia

8.1 New York, I love you

8.1 The Informant!

8.0 Zombieland

8.0 Surrogates

7.9 Law Abiding Citizen

7.7 Inglorious Basterds

7.7 Saw VI

7.6 Couple Retreat

7.4 The Damned United

5.9 I Can Do Bad All by Myself

1.0 Paranormal Activity


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