Movies in November: 4

Pirate Radio (Original title: The Boat that Rocked)


This movie is about a pirate rock radio station in British North Sea in the 1960’s.

If you love this video, or simply like 60’s music, you must see this movie. I recommend it to you!

Old Dogs


This is made by Disney and a kind of family movie. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much fun.

Ranking with the past reviews

8.5 District 9

8.5 2012

8.4 Pirate Radio

8.4 Julie & Julia

8.2 The Blind Side

8.1 New York, I love you

8.1 The Informant!

8.0 Zombieland (Might be changed to 8.4. Under discussion. :-) )

8.0 Surrogates

8.0 This Is It

7.9 Law Abiding Citizen

7.7 Inglorious Basterds

7.7 Saw VI

7.6 Couple Retreat

7.6 The Box

7.6 The Men who stares at goats

7.4 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

7.4 The Damned United

7.2 Old Dogs

5.9 I Can Do Bad All by Myself (If I know Southern American English more, the score could have got more.)

1.0 Paranormal Activity


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