Movies in December: 1



This was very very depressing movie. Everybody in the theater was crying (except me). The Southern American English accent is difficult for me to understand again. I felt that when I saw Tyler Perry’s before. By the way, I liked Paula Patton in this movie.  She is beautiful actress and I thought she is intelligent, which is different impression that I have from on the different media.

Up in the Air


From IMDb,

Clooney’s Bingham is the loner businessman whose only relationships exist from random meetings with attractive females at the multiple airports he frequents.

He looked enjoying his life half way in the movie, but I saw him changing his idea of life.



I saw this trailer at the theaters a lot of times, so I could not help without going to see this. The story was a bit different from what I guessed from the trailer, but it was still good movie. And Natalie Portman is breathtaking beautiful actress!

The picture is from IMDb.

Natalie Portman

Paula Patton


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