Parrots came to my balcony

Feral Parrots are living the area in front of my apartment, which is like a park, but isn’t, and no name. Their entire body is colored green except its read head. They are never cute, however they are one of the features in this Embarcadero and Telegraph hill. Today, they came to my balcony after long misty rain that continued last couple of days. They cry weird sounds and fly with their companions. If I fight against them, I will be lost. I took the following pictures through glasses of my room. I don’t want to approach them. What can you do if they all fly to you at same time! ^^;

You can read some articles about them on Wikipedia. This is the one of them, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Telegraph Hill is located in north of my apartment and famous for Coit Tower on the hill.


One thought on “Parrots came to my balcony

  1. I love your parrots. Wish we had them come by our place. Alas, we have no balcony at our apartment. So, I don’t know where they would alight. You are fortunate to see such a sight.

    You too have a lovely view of the bay. San Francisco has been my favorite city forever and I’m excited to get to live there. We are still in our home in Fresno until summer. Just weekends and holidays in the city. Merry Christmas.

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