Where is my creativity?

We had Ginger Bread House competition in the company today. Our company often has this kind of events that enhance employees communicate each other. I like this company policy and always enjoy it.

We made teams so that each team make their work and compete with other team. This needs creativity. We were allowed to use $10 to add our taste to the house. As for our team, three people couldn’t join it and there rest of the team, only two including me, made it. I am not good at this craft things and another person is not, either. Adding on that, I have never seen Ginger Bread House before and totally had no idea.

So you know what happened? Our house was probably worst by far… Ok, please see and enjoy other teams excellent works! Happy holidays!

This house looked good and was made earliest. I thought this won, but actually not.

I voted this north pole themed house.

This is also awesome work.

This beach house won the competition by far.

I am embarrassed to show this house here… We tried our best! But we did not prepare at all. We stole marshmallows form next team. ^^;

After announcing the winner, we had December birthday cakes and happy hours. Cheers!


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