Did I play baseball? No, but Softball.

It has been about five months since I moved from San Diego to here in San Francisco. During the first month, I was a kind of the tourist. I drive around this city every weekend to see many places and actually had fun. From the second month, my class of Java programming at UC Berkely Extension started and it required me to study in weekends to some extent. When I finished the class, I began to see movies in order to have fun in addition to learn English.

Recently, actually it was a week ago, I noticed I have very few friends in San Francisco and felt a little bit sick. I do not say this is homesickness, but “friend” sick. Of course, there are a lot of Japanese in SF and Bay area. And I can meet them if I hope. It is not so difficult thing for me.  But I want to try communicating with non-Japanese more because I need to get better English capability.

Today I joined “pickup softball” at Balboa Park, which is played every weekend and everybody can join it without any RSVP. I knew this earlier, but hadn’t been there so far. You know, it needs a bit of courage when you participate in new community. That was me this morning. However, I was happy to to there and just play softball. There were around 30 people (!) which was much more than I imagined. I practiced in next place at first and then joined two games. I really enjoyed it. I will probably be there again and hope to make some friends.


5 thoughts on “Did I play baseball? No, but Softball.

  1. Hi Robert,
    No worries. I enjoyed a lot of your appetizing pictures. I am pure Japanese, who is eager to speak English fluently. So you can ask me about Japanese anytime! (But I believe you live in Japan so long time and are already surrounded by many kindly Japanese people, whom you can ask.)
    Happy Christmas!

  2. Cheers, Sean!
    I’ve lived in Japan for 33 years and work as a linguist and freelance writer.
    I’m looking foreward to talking more with you!
    Take good care of you!

    1. Hi Robert,
      Oh my gash! I only lived in Japan for 33 years and 8 months. And it stopped for now and I don’t know when it restarts increasing. You might be the dweller who has longer experience in Japan than me!

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