Our lovely dog, Muffy, passed away…

I wrote the following blog yesterday, but did not post it, because I could not believe it. But I heard today Muffy was buried. So…


Muffy was the cute dog, which I often played with, when I lived with host family in San Diego this spring.

Several days ago, a couple of people there let me know that Muffy got lost and they could not find in the evening. She was almost blind and could not bend her legs well. Disabled poor dog. So I really worried about her. I thought she slipped and fell down into the canyon behind the backyard.

Yesterday, I had a call from host mother and knew Muffy was found alive. Since she was dehydrate and very weak, she was going to stay hospital overnight. I believe she would recover soon and run again. I was glad to hear the news.

However, unfortunately, she was too weak to recover. My host father e-mailed me this morning and it told me Muffy had passed away… I was so sad and could not have any words about it. I guess all the family were crying for her. But Muffy might be happy because at least, she was not alone at her last. She got many goodbyes from her family, friends and me, even 500 miles away from her .  Rest in peace, Muffy.


4 thoughts on “Our lovely dog, Muffy, passed away…

  1. I am also very sad to hear this news. When I was in San Diego with the host family in 2008, Muffy was a lovely friend. Now we will remember her forever.

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