Japanese sweets as Christmas present

I got a Christmas presents today. One is from Trisha, who is a woman in same group as me. She gave me pretty chocolates. Another is from my boss, Todd. He gave me gift on line, which can be used for movie tickets.

I did not expect to get such presents at the office and not prepare for them. This evening, I went to shops to get some presents for them. In the shopping mall near my apartment, there are some nice shops for getting gifts such as Godiva, Brookstone, and L’occitane. I was wondering if I buy something there. But I could not find anything that made me get it. I want them to be really glad to have gifts from me.

I came up with the idea of going to Japanese sweets shop on Market st. near New Montgomery Station. I was not sure whether they were still open, but I tried to get there. In luck, they were still open and I got a rice cake covered by bean pastes. I’ll bring tomorrow and give them. I hope they would enjoy with it.

These are presents from Trisha. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Japanese sweets as Christmas present

  1. I walked through Embarcadero Center the day after Christmas, looking in all the lovely shops there. Have you gone to the theater there? I love it as it is smaller and shows movies that often don’t get shown elsewhere.

    Any suggestions about the small eateries in Embarcadero Center, especially the strip over near the hotel? Some of them look especially good for takeout.

  2. Yes, I sometimes go to the Embarcadero cinema. As you said, they have movies that are not run in big theaters like Metreon, Century. One of impressive movie I saw there was The Road.

    As for eateries in EC, I have very few experience to eat in, because I am single and usually have fast food or frozen food at home… Sometimes, go to Vietnamise “Pho Hoa” in 4EC to have a warm noodle. Outside EC, I like “The Plant Cafe” in Pier 3, who serves organic veggie burger. And Thai restaurant “OSHA” in front of the ice rink is good for have a reasonable dinner with friends.

    I still explore and look for nice restaurants around Embarcadero 🙂

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