A New year has come

This is the first time for me to have a new year in san Francisco. They have awesome fireworks tonight at Ferry building and we enjoyed it from our apartment. The fireworks always reminds me one in Japan.
There was a lot of people around ferry building and it was much more than I expected.
It’s after 1AM but still noisy by loud music. It’ s ok today because we are going into New decade!


4 thoughts on “A New year has come

  1. I am so jealous…we were in Fresno for New Year’s eve. Even went to bed early. Nothing much going on here. I’m planning to be there next year, though.

  2. Hi,
    Yes, it was really awesome view with fireworks last night. Why did you go back to Fresno before NYE. The fireworks is one of our privileges for Embarcadero dwellers. However, I wish you enjoy new year in Fresno.

  3. We have a very sick, elderly cat that needs us here. We are not planning to move the cats to SF. I still have one more week before I must return to school and I had hoped to spend it in SF, but alas, it will probably not happen.

  4. I now see the reason you had to leave SF. It is a pity you couldn’t stay SF, but I believe the cat was very happy spending new year holidays with you! πŸ™‚

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