A day trip on the last day of short holidays

The weather forecast made me have a day trip to Sacramento in a last minute today. You might doubt if I said wrong name of the city. Your guess is not correct. I drove to SACRAMENTO, where is just the capital city of the state of California. It is not a usual destination of a trip. But I wanted to go there at least because I love California and have never been there before.

Although the forecast said it was sunny day today in Sacramento, they had deep fog and no sunshine at all. It took about one and a half hour drive from my apartment. When I arrive there, I went to the State Capitol. There were music playing continuously and it was really match the atmosphere and today’s weather. I want to know the music is played even in weekdays, or only holidays like today.

After leaving Sacramento, I swung by Napa Valley and came back home before sunset. It was good day-trip, I think.


2 thoughts on “A day trip on the last day of short holidays

  1. If you go back to Sacramento, and it is a wonderful trip by the way, try to get over to old Sacramento by the river. There is a wonderful train museum there and the old part of the city is still being used for commerce. I take my students each year. We start in Old Town and then get back on the bus and finish up at the Capitol. The gardens there have so many wonderful monuments.

    Here are my Flickr photos of Old Town:

    Old Town Sacramento

    and the photos from the Capitol:

    Seniors visit the Capitol
  2. Thanks for introducing me the places to see and the great pictures in Sacramento. The dogwood looks very beautiful.
    They had pretty deep fog on the day I visited there and it looked very quiet maybe because of after holiday season, so I did not hang out around the old Sacramento. I would like swing by there next time.
    By the way, “Sacrament” always reminds me Cherry blossom in Japanese. “Sacra” is almost same pronunciation as that.

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