My birthday

I had a birthday a week ago and became 35. Whenever I say I became 35, people are surprised to hear that. I look younger than actual age. Not only me, but also most of Asian look younger.

Yes, I think I am young by myself. Especially after moving to the U.S., I have less stresses than before, so it might be cause of keeping me young. I do not have to tolerate packed train every morning and night like I did when I was in Japan. I am not required to work late, either. I have enough sleeping time. That must be good for keeping me young.

And I am not sure if this is true, but I believe shampoo is not so good for hair. I usually wash my hair with soap. I still have plenty of hairs and looks vital.

My concern recently is that I do not have exercise so much as before. It is a kind of difficult to do best both work and exercise at same time. My resolution in 2010 is “Put first thing first”. However, what the difficult thing is to decide what is the first thing. For me, both working and staying health are important. Hmm, time is never enough for me to do everything what I want to do.


2 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. “Put first things first” did you mean?

    Yeah you look even younger than 25 so that’s good. Everone needs more time and excercise but ur doing great.

    Well at my job I need to work more house than I used to do…so your are sooo LUCKY!

  2. Yes, I meant “Put first things first.” I forgot to spell the letter “s” after “thing”. ^^;

    It is not easy for me to see if we need to end with “s” or nothing. And the difference “a” and “the” before each noun is not easy, too… How difficult English is! Long way.

    Another reason I look younger is that I often wear hoody and jeans of popular apparel among young people such as A&F, American Eagle. I also like to wear a jacket, but it is a bit too formal for my office.

    Yeah, working at home is relax, but at same time you are required discipline. I imagine you are well self-controlled person!

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