Leap Year

I was so sad to find bacon in refrigerator got moldy this morning… Everything get bad before I consume all. That is one of things I have to accept when I live by myself. It rained today, not heavily, but like mist as usual in San Fransisco. I walked to Metreon to see Leap Year which started running last week. This is my first movie in theater in 2010.

This movie was much better than I expected and I would score it 8.3/10. Amy Adams is awesome actress in this movie like her other works.

By the way, in the auditorium there were only 2 people when it started. I guess people still see Avatar and book of ELI which started this weekend. 2 people including me was the smallest number I ever had obviously. But please do not misunderstand. The movie was so good and make me feel like seeing again. Leap Year.


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