Two weeks ago, I found a black color thing between upper teeth. It seems a cavity obviously… How stupid I am!!! Why did I notice it before getting so bad? I actually did not feel at all, so I did notice it. However, if I carefully see it and more often flossing I would have noticed it… Also I feel a little bit other side. Probably this is  a cavity, too.

You know, I should have gone to see a dentist, but I postpone a call him/her with excuse of something not important. I just avoided admitting I had cavities.

Anyways, I have asked a couple of friends and decided to go to a dentist where is not far from my apartment. I called her today and booked it on Thursday when is only available this week. She must be busy and good dentist as she has good reputation on Yelp. It is going to be my first experience to go to American doctor (dentist). I am really nervous although I looked up several common words dentists use… 😦

I hope these guys (cavities) are not a big matter and promisえ myself to floss every day.


2 thoughts on “Cavities…

    1. Hi Erika, how are you doing?
      wow, I didn’t know that they keep our teeth pearly white. Come to think of it, my colleague in our group has really white teeth. I was always wondering why it was so. Recently, I came to know that her father is a dentist!

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