It was not a cavity!!

I went to a dentist yesterday. The dentist is one where my colleague recommended for me and it also  has really good reputation on yelp. They have 21 reviews and all are 5 stars!

I filled out a couple of forms and went into a room. I was very nervous. After some conversation such as how I feel pain, when it started, etc, she took a look at my teeth. And she said the black one, which I thought cavity, was not a cavity but filling. She could not find any other cavities at all. Anyways, she took a couple of X-rays. As she thought earlier, X-rays did not show anything bad. She talked with another doctor just in case, but it looked no problem.

So, possibly the small pain I felt was not actual pain, but my illusion. (“illusion” does not sound the appropriate word for what I want to say…) She adjusted a little bit my teeth height and the treatment was done. No pain!

I’ll be back there in March to clean up my teeth and check again if I still have a pain. However, I was so happy yesterday and directory went to Starbucks to get a sweet thing! 🙂

I worried if I could not understand some English words which dentists use, but I was okay mostly. Only word I could not understand was “sinus”. She tried to explain by easy words, but I could not. After that, I looked it up on dictionary and saw the meaning in Japanese, but still difficult. 🙂


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