A peaceful Saturday

It was a sunny day today and I took a walk around my apartment after lunch. Actually, I was going to Starbucks with my laptop to work on my presentation, which I present at a conference in Tokyo next month. Visited to Starbucks near Embarcadero station, but it looked busy and I could not find a good seat. So walked toward Powel on Market for a couple of blocks. Some Starbucks were there but closed because of weekend. Turned left and turned left again then walked down on Mission toward Rincon Center.

After all, I came back to my apartment and hit the Starbucks at the first floor of my apartment where I usually go to. I worked a few hours there and came back to my room to have dinner. I wanted to have a steak, so I defrosedt the steak that I kept in the freezer. I tried to cook it by oven, but I noticed that it did not work on steak after 20 or 30 minutes’ baking. So I cooked it in a frying pan. The steak was awesome.

I need more time to finish the presentation and probably I will not finish it forever. No matter how much I spend for it, I will not be at ease with it, because this presentation is going to be really important one. All I can do is that I learn the theme very well and get knowledge as much as possible. This is not easy thing for me, but good opportunity to grow up in the work for sure.


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