Nothing is impossible

Facebook had 6th birthday on February 4th. It surprised me to some extent. It has been only 6 years since they started this web service, and now they have 350 million users, which is more than the population of the U.S. FYI, US population is about 309 million as of today according to population clock.

I got my account on Facebook back in summer 2008 when I moved from Japan to San Diego. At that time, Facebook was still competing with MySpace and about passing them as far as I know. At this moment, Facebook is getting more user than MySpace by far obviously.

Many people have analyzed what was the cause of making such a big difference. (There are some references in the end of this post.) So I do not intend to argue about that. I just want to say “nothing is impossible”. 7 years ago, there were no Facebook, but now they have a big “republic” on the Internet.  This fact often encourage me to tackle difficult things in business.


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