Shrimp week: The day of Pasta

I do not cook so often by myself, however once I do it, I become a good cooker. At least I think so by myself. 🙂

Cut the onions and paprika, and saute them for a while. And then drop some shrimp, which was already defrosted, into the pan. Speaking of pasta sauce, my favorite is Alfredo. Alfredo is a creamy, tasty and popular for using with Fettuccine. Add a little bit salt and pepper before sliding off the pan from electric range. It is never easier.

Needless to say, cold beer is best combined with this kind of salty and warm yummy cook. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Shrimp week: The day of Pasta

  1. Yup. I ate them by myself. I am a brave man, who left Japan and friends, to live my life in California! (I am kidding. Just because I am a single, actually.)

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