Movies in March and the air

Shutter Island


Leonard DiCaprio stars this mysterious movie, which was directed by Martin Scorsese and was based on a written novel. The trailer of this was pretty impressive, so I decided to see once it starts. I felt like this was a sort of difficult to understand for me, but understood the trick, approaching end of the story. I could see twice to have fun more from this mentally thrilling movie.

The Boys Are Back


I watched several movies in the flight to Japan and from there back home last week. This Australian movie was best one among those. The theme was love between a father and his children. His wife died in disease, although she was still young. The father tried to grow up kids in great nature Australia.

By the way, I am working for Australian company, so I have a lot of Aussie colleagues even in San Francisco office. I still have difficulty with Australian accent, but I probably recognize the difference it from British accent now. And the father in this movie reminds me our CEO in Sydney because of his appearance and way of speaking.

The picture is from IMDb.


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