Try clay pot!

After seeing movie, I explored in Chinatown to get some late lunch Sunday afternoon. I checked on yelp iPhone app and found good reputation restaurant near a park. The feature of the restaurant was clay pot seafood. Because I just recovered from food poisoning, I should have avoided seafood cooks. But I couldn’t pass the opportunity.

Inside the restaurant, it was really alive as typical Chinese restaurant, even noisy. I ordered clay pot seafood and waited for it for a while. One of the favorite things on Chinese cook is they serve very fast. And this is the clay pot seafood!

A lot of shrimps, scallops and squids in it. I liked it. Maybe I could enjoy more if I was there with more friends and share dish.

Restaurant: Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant (yelp)

Price: $13 (includes steamed rice and tip)


2 thoughts on “Try clay pot!

    1. Sure, I’ll take you anywhere you want if you come to San Francisco! I guess you would prefer big steak, hamburger, pizza, burritos, or stuffs like that. It seems like I won the seafoods this time because I am pretty healthy this week! 🙂

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