Movie: Green Zone

Because I did not see the trailer for this movie, I had thought it action movie which I could enjoy without deep thinking. Actually, this required me thinking a lot and probably need more knowledge about the U.S army’s activity after 9/11 and Iraq war. I had fun with this movie, however I felt I wanted to see again with subtitle. The plot is quite complicated for me at least.

By the way, I found one of good thing of my movie blog. You cannot be spoiled before seeing it! (Because my review is surprisingly short of explanation and useless for people who is going to see the movie after that. 🙂

I swung by China town again to get mango shaved ice. Unfortunately, I could not get it. Maybe it is out of season. If you know that, please tell me when it is available. I asked the old man in the shop, but I could not understand what he said. Instead, I got mango cooler with tapioca, which was much better than I expected! I like mango!

Green Zone



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