Alice in Wonderland at 3D theater

It is been a while Avatar’s 3D tickets are sold out and you could not buy on the day. I was wondering if Alice was so popular as Avatar because it had top sales on box office last week. However, it was not so crowded this morning and got good position in the auditorium without any difficulty. And it was the first time for me to see a movie at 3D theater. I saw Avatar at regular theater because I saw it before it got popular and I did not notice the movie was featuring 3D visual effect. I worried today a bit the 3D glasses fit over my own glasses, but it was no problem.

The characters in this movie spoke with British accent, even two American popular actor/actress, Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp, tried to speak it. So it was more difficult to understand plot than American movie. But I had much fun with this movie. By the way, the eyes of Anne Hathaway are incredibly big, so I doubt it is also by visual effect or something, but it seems real.

Alice in Wonderland



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