Came back from Japan and happy with the Sun in California

I departed for Japan on April 5 and came back home yesterday (April 13). My flight was 4 hours delay for departing. At first the flight was supposed to be 2 hours delay due to mechanical problems. However, it was delayed 2 more hours and 4 hours as total. I was there 2 hours before the flight, so I was at SFO for 6 hours.

Thanks to T-mobile hot spot service, I spent much time with working on my laptop. I could not hold back my hunger, so got a sandwich at a cafe before taking the flight. I always look forward seeing movies during flight. I got a good seat located in the third raw from big screen. From my experience, the third raw is the best. Not too close, not too far. I can keep the neck angle comfortably. But 3 out of 4 movies were the ones what I already saw before. And I forgot my headphone. I could not hear sounds well with the headphone equipped on each seat. Fantastic Mr. Fox was the only movie I had not seen before. I did not notice the voice of Mr. Fox was George Clooney at all until saw it in the credits.

This trip was a kind of busy. I had only 6 days except arriving and leaving day. It included 2 day events in the weekend and a couple of dinner with partners. I also attended a party, which celebrates my friend’s marriage. I met him in San Diego and he still lives there. He married Japanese woman, so he went to Tokyo to have marriage ceremony there. I gave up attending it once, but my business trip overlapped by chance. I was lucky.

The business was successful, though it would takes time to actually show good results. The flight coming back to SF was also delayed. It was only half an hour. When I got on the plane, I red a couple of magazines and books. The movies were the ones I already saw in a plane or theater again. I slept much longer time than westbountd. To sleep as long as possible is a tip for avoiding terrible jetlag. After arriving back in San Francisco, it was sunny day and felt the rainy season ended at last.


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