Road Trip to Northwestern United States

It has been one and half a year since last big road trip which I had round trip from San Diego to Florida. It’s time to take another road trip. I am going to start the trip in the end of this month, which is same time as long national holidays in Japan, because I am doing business with Japanese market and it is easier to take a vacation during the holidays. My road trip would continue for two weeks.

Here is some destination of the trip in my mind for now:

  • Seattle: See a baseball game between Mariners which has Ichiro and Angels which has Matsui at SafeCo Field
  • Olympic N.P (WA)
  • Mt. Rainier N.P (WA)
  • Glacier N.P (MT)
  • Yellow Stone N.P (WY)
  • Grand Teton (WY)
  • Anywhere else?

I am worried a little bit if some of roads are still covered by snow. But I cannot wait for summer for some reason. This is only time to have another adventure!

To be honest, I am not familiar with this Northwestern part of the U.S. and do not have enough information. Could you tell me the place I should visit? Your recommendation will be more than welcome!

Grand Teton N.P (CC by Alaskan Dude)


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