Day 2 – Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park

On the second day, I headed visitor center in state Utah, because I did not have enough information or knowledge, or I should say preparation in advance. 🙂 I always swing by visitor center to consult how I can visit places worth visiting in limited time. It works very well. You just say how long you have and what do you like to people in visitor center. Also, you can get detailed map of the state for free. Some centers even serve a cup of coffee. Full list of pictures on my Facebook.

Here is the driving route on May 30.

Las Vegas – Just stayed.

Mesquito, NV – Took breakfast.

Utah Welcome Center – in St. George. Useful. Planned for upcoming couple of days.

Zion N.P. The shot at River side walk.

Bryce Canyon N.P. The shot from Bryce Point.

Escalente, UT – Motel and dinner at “Cowboy Blues”. Proctor Inn charged $62.


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