Day 5 – Salt Lake City and Drive to Jackson, WY

Day 5 was for moving from Grand Circle to Yellowstone area. I dropped by SLC and visited a couple of places, however I did not have so interesting in the city unfortunately. It did not probably because I was there after visiting many of amazing places in Grand Circle.  Pictures on Day 5 are on my Facebook.

I-15 North before reaching SLC.

A building in Temple Square in SLC. After walking around Temple Square, drove to Big Cottonwood canyon. Then went to Antelope Island.

Somehow the battery for my digital camera was not recharged. So I used iPhone camera instead. Because it is hard to take a picture by iPhone by one hand, there are not many pictures this day.

Beautiful rainbow came up when I drove near Jackson. (Probably at Swan Valley.) Drove from Idaho Falls to Jackson was a bit scary because it was getting dark and raining. Fortunately, I got there without driving dangerous road such as pass.

Stayed in Motel 6. Nice Romanian guy answered a lot of my questions about parks.

$42 for the room.


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