Day 10 – Olympic N.P., Pike Place Market and Ichiro

Very long day. Nature and city. Met wildlife in the national park and then saw the wizard in the ball park! All pictures are on my Facebook.

The driving route on May 8th is as follows:

Took a few of trails at Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park early in the morning. Elks were very cautious.

Took a ferry to Seattle. I was head of cars because I missed the last ferry by a hair… However, I had beautiful view with sitting at the driver seat.

I was surprised that the way of vocalizing was really similar with Japanese fish market although the languages were totally different.

I was really looking forward seeing this game at Safeco Field in Seattle. Two Japanese superstars, Ichiro in Mariners and Matsui in Angels, played this game. Angels won the game by Godzilla’s (Matsui) single with 2 RBIs in the top of 10th inning. Ichiro had 2 hits, one of which was triple with 2 RBIs. Please see ESPN’s article for more details. (LAA 4 – SEA 3)

Stayed at Studio 6 in Mountlake Terrace with $60.


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