Pickup Softball for fun

There is very fun ball game near San Francisco – Pickup Softball. They play every Saturday morning and do not require any RSVP. If you want to play, you just show up with your baseball glove. Anyone can play here. No matter how terrible your batting is (like me), you can join the game.

I like this place, so I go there every Saturday unless I have other events. I have probably played nearly 10 times. Due to the limitation of my English language skill, I cannot talk to other players a lot. However, I need to communicate with them in the field at least. I think I am getting used to it a bit by bit.

Today I arrived the park right after the first game started and both teams were full. I decided to take pictures during waiting for the game ended. I put some pictures here. You will find some great players and BBQ master!

If you want to join the game, throw your glove to the pile.

Someone splits the pile into two to make teams.

Great day for BBQ and Softball. BBQ does not happen every week.

I chose some pictures which are showing beautiful moment. (I couldn’t put all of them, but there were more great batters there.)

Mariners Ichiro Tshirt!

Please see their website for more details regarding Pickup Softball.


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