Apple, Apple, Orange and Apple

Three Apples in my room since I have got iPad the other day. To be honest, I did not use Apple’s product before coming to the U.S. two years ago. When I started working for present company, most of my colleagues, especially marketing people, used MacBook + iPhone. I could choose PC, but did Mac as most of our employees did.

I did not come up with specific usage with iPad, and still now. That was the reason I did not buy iPad for nearly two months. In my apartment and office, I use laptop. I drive to office, so cannot read e-book. iPhone with 3G network covers almost anywhere in the city. So, did I need iPad? No. No reason to get it at hand. It was enough to try it a couple of times at Apple store or my colleagues’.

However, I now think I should have bought this iPad earlier because I am very happy with it and really enjoy playing it. Maybe, I do not need to explain why I have to get this device. Maybe, this is just a “big iPhone”. But it is enough pleasing me. You might not understand what I am saying until you have it by yourself.


2 thoughts on “Apple, Apple, Orange and Apple

  1. I understand. I have an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, and I would LOVE an iPad, but cannot justify the cost right now. Paying for an apartment in SF is my big indulgence for the moment.

    1. Totally agree. I could not justify the cost either. But I bought it! If I have second apartment like you, I would not have bought it.
      And I believe view of San Francisco bay with bay bridge is much more valuable experience than iPad. 🙂
      BTW, iOS 4 is awesome. I like it.

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