Musical The Wicked

Our company provide opportunities for every team to have offsite meeting once half a year. Last time our team went to AT&T park to see ballgame of Giants. I remember I was sleeping at seat after drinking a cup of draft beer and my colleague took the picture! The game was scoreless until 9th inning, so not exciting game. This is my excuse of sleeping. 🙂

Yesterday, we had lunch at restaurant, Zuni, which serves burger, pizza and salad and some like that. Good atmosphere and waiters. We had Champagne, so I got drunk a bit.

The musical was almost starting, so we had to run to the theatre. We made it eventually, and enjoyed the play. I am not familiar with “oz” things. My boss and a colleague explained the point of the story in advance. It helped me a lot. However, musical is difficult to pick up words. I might understand only 20% of the story… The music and songs itself was incredibly amazing. I definitely enjoyed it.
I thank my boss and company for giving me such a wonderful experience.

The Wicked Homepage


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