Last day at work in SF

After incredibly amazing, great life at Atlassian San Francisco for a year, I am going to be transferred to Japan this month. It is really sad to leave this wonderful place, where is hard to find same place on the planet, but this is also great opportunity to expand our business and make it successful back in my country.

Because I continue to be working for the company and probably came back here often for business trip, I did not say “goodbye” to my colleagues and did not need to have a big farewell party. However, my buddy, Ben, who is very nice and always take care of me, planned a heartfelt drink party for me at Nihon Whisky in Mission last night. Thanks to the party, I could avoid the feeling of loneliness.

With Ben.

Ben also planed farewell lunch a couple of days ago at Puerto Alegre in Mission. Because lots of people, including my boss Todd, have long weekend for this July 4th weekend, we had lunch in the middle of the week. Daniel in the below picture is the person who introduced a job in this company and cares about me anytime.

Todd is my great boss and good example whom I want to become in future. Thanks to him, his lively nature, I could be relaxed in the office.

Thanks everyone! I’ll miss you soon, but see you soon.

My journey does not end. I will make this fantastic company famous in Japan and come back here in San Francisco in near future!


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