Short trip to San Diego Part 1

Before leaving the U.S, I had a trip to San Diego and LA last several days. The main purpose was to say goodbye to my host family, friends and classmates.

DISCLAIMER: I did not take pictures a lot because my friend Alex always take it very well like professional photographer, so I am going to “steel” from him later! 🙂 So, pictures here are not highlight of events, not include friends, but random pickups from my iPhone.

We had a party on July 4th. I cooked Japanese curry, which is very popular in the host family!

Fireworks for celebrating Forth of July from May’s house in Point Loma.

On second day, I drove to LA to see my friend, Melvin. We went to Universal Studio. That was my request, because I have never been there. Picture with Curious George.

We were there until the park closed. We enjoyed almost all of rides in there.

On the third day, I hang out around San Diego. My favorite burrito is Carne Asada Burrito at Super Sergio’s. The taste hasn’t changed from one year ago, but the tables are replaced with new one.

Visited my first homestay, where I stayed from September 2009 through March 2010. The father was fine, but the mother was not at home because she went to see a doctor.

I took a picture of my host mother, Becky, for her facebook profile. It looks nice, doesn’t it? She is really sunshiny person and has a power to make me fine. Thanks to her, San Diego became my second home town. 🙂


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