Short trip to San Diego Part 2

Like I said in the last post, I have got some pictures from Alex and here are some of them.

We do not remember well, but the four means Fourth of July, which is the day we had the party.

This day I forgot to take some pics with my lovely host family, Rudy, Melanie and Becky… But it is okay because we talked a lot with sitting down. I stayed the house only for three months , but felt like a couple of years due to their much kindness.

This is the moment I get baby back rib cooked by Alex (right in above picture). He is not only a good photographer, but also an awesome cook.

We rushed to move to May’s house, where we could have four or five difference fireworks at same time. The house is on the hill and has a view of Ocean Beach, Public Beach, etc. Do I look like happy surrounded by beautiful Japanese, Korean, and a girl from Equatorial Guinea?

Bye for a while, San Diego!

(All pictures on this post were shot by Alex or his camera.)


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