Settling down in Tokyo

As I confessed my uncomfortable sense in my parents’ house in the previous post, I wanted to move in new apartment very soon. On the other hand, I could not compromise with deciding where I live in. Because I am going to spend lots of time in my apartment for working, it should be comfortable place.

It took five days to find this place. I knew I could tell instantly like “This is the place to live” when I find a right place, because I experienced such moments twice before. Once in Japan, once in San Francisco. For each time, I probably visited more than 10 places until finding the favorite place. But when I come to the place, I can tell as quick as lightning.

It took several days more to make contracts with the real estate agency. In the week, my boss was coming here and working together. I was quite busy. So, I could not move in right after the contracts. Therefore, I targeted on Saturday, July 31, as the moving day.

I could not make it to have a bed in the room by the day, so I had to come back the parents’ home on the first day. However, I got a bed from IKEA and built up the double size bed by myself on Sunday and start living this home. I only have a desk, a bed and a wardrobe for now. Some electronics including fridge and washing machine are coming tomorrow. I maybe do not have to get TV set.

One of my favorite parts of this apartment is a view from the deck. This pic was shoot at dusk. You can see Tokyo Tower in the center of the first pic. It looks very small. And Tokyo Sky Tree, which is still under construction and is planed to be completed next year, is in the left of the second pic. It looks very very small. The big tower in the same pic is owned by Ministry of Defense.


2 thoughts on “Settling down in Tokyo

  1. What a beautiful view. I’m sorry I missed your move from SF. We were actually in SF when you were leaving. I will try to check in occasionally and see how you are doing in Tokyo. Sounds like you are off to a good start.

  2. Thanks for reading my posts. I am not sure how much people in the world are interested in Japanese things, but am going to publish them as much as possible. Your comment always encourage me to continue blogging. Thanks!

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