Raw Organ Night

I know it sounds really weird to you. Some Japanese eat not only raw fish, but also raw organ meats. I may introduced this restaurant in this blog before. This is one of my favorite Izakaya restaurant in suburb, where I lived for 5 years until I left there for studying in San Diego.

Because there is no restaurant in California like that as far as I know, I swung by the place almost every time I came back home for business trip last year. After moving back here, this is the first time to go there. I suddenly came up with the idea last Friday and asked my friend to go together. He managed to do it although it was really sudden favor. (And he bought me the dinner, thanks!)

Here’s some pictures of raw organ meats. We call them raw organ Sashimi. If you want to enjoy it during your stay in Japan, please ask me. I am willing to take you there! It is located more than half an hour away by train from central Tokyo. Please keep enough time to go there. It’s tasty and reasonable prices.

We had two dishes of Liver Sashimi.

We also had two dishes of Senmai Sashimi. Senmai is cow’s third stomach. This is the best among Raw organ for me. It is pretty good combination with Sumiso dressing, which is mixed with miso, vinegar, etc.

Hatsu (heart) Sashimi

Wooot, now I am hungry! 🙂


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