Movie: Eat Pray Love

This movie wasn’t interesting for me unfortunately. This made me feel like I should go to nice restaurant to have some delicious Italian foods or travel abroad somewhere in Asia. However, that’s it. I had almost nothing learned or inspired. Just too long. I could not find what it wanted to tell us.

In Japan, the options to see Hollywood movies are very limited. I could see Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is run as Biohazard IV in Japan, or A Single Man, which I saw in the U.S last December and thought uninterested, or what else? Not any other big American movies. Yes, to see movies is one of my English learning way, so I can’t choose Japanese movies.

I like Julia Roberts since I saw Notting Hill. However, Eat Pray Love was sucks, so perhaps I should have seen other one. Maybe, A Single Man was better, although I didn’t find it interesting at first time. Because I guess I only understand 50% or less of lines in English, it could be more interesting to see the one with Japanese subtitle.

Next week, Night and Day, which Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star, will be released. The movie is hilarious but I definitely enjoyed seeing it in the U.S three months ago, so I may see it again here.

Eat Pray Love


The picture is from IMDb.


2 thoughts on “Movie: Eat Pray Love

  1. It is funny how you didn’t get the message of the movie. I guess it is because it’s a women movie. This is about self-discovery. I personally enjoyed the movie. Honestly, my eyes even got watery!

    I saw it at Fashion Valley AMC, with my gay friend. I saw some other gay watcher and some women, and couples.

  2. hahaha~! That might be true. It is definitely women movie. I went there with a bit shamefulness because I did by myself.

    And I thought it was too packed in two hours. This was same feeling as I saw “Da Vinci Code” and “沈まぬ太陽”. Their originals are long story. So two hours is not enough to describe them to the audience unless they modify the story for a movie.

    I had an opportunity to talk about this movie with some people yesterday. One was Japanese woman, who couldn’t enjoy it with same reason as me. Another is an American man and he really enjoyed it, probably because he read the original book before.

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