Burger King and Futsal

This was my second visit to Burger King during their campaign called “Bi King” which is “all you can eat”. I think this campaign is only run in Japan. As I mentioned in the previous post, I had three Whoppers last time. Today I had four Whoppers, but I didn’t feel good when I finished the fourth one. I could have another one because I finished it within 30 minutes which is the limitation time. But I didn’t feel trying another one at all…

I joined Futsal team of my friend, Rena-san again. The game was held in Jingu, where I ran from my apartment tonight. The games were really fun and good exercise for me. I can train the long distance run by myself, but it is difficult to practice sprinting. In Futsal game, I am forced to sprint to chase a ball even when I am tired. So it is a good training for me. Unfortunately, my shoe was broken in the game. I need to get new one….

The woman who wears back number nine training bib is Rena-san.


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