Eventful Saturday

What an eventful Saturday it was. Here’s how it went on.


In the morning, I played baseball in Kodaira as a member of my friend’s team. He kindly invited me to the game and I was really looking forward it. Although it was raining, we played the game around five innings. Played a center fielder and had a 1 single for 2 times at bat. All players looked like ones who seriously played baseball in their youth. So the game had a sense of tension, even though it was a practice game. Our team won it by 8 to 2 including a score by squeeze play. The atmosphere of the team was also good. I probably join their game again soon.


After the baseball, I took a train to Akihabara to attend a certain tech meetup. This event had about 15 people, half of them were foreigners. This was fun to see some presentation of new web services and chat with other participants including famous bloggers, editors, developers, etc. When I RSVP’d this event, I intended to go there to practice English  because they all speak in English. But I found that it was related with my business. After the meetup, which was streamed by Ustream, we drunk some beer at restaurant in Akihabara. By the way, you may like to see some pictures of Akihabara.

UCSD alumni drinking party

I slipped out the drinking with the meetup guys and moved to Shimbashi, which is famous for a lots of Izakaya gathered. The reason why I went there was one of my classmates back in UCSD Extension came back home in Japan recently and arranged a drinking party of the alumni. For those who don’t know how my school days in SD were, please see this post “Graduation from UCSD Extension” and other some posts in the blogs.

We had eight Japanese in our class and five got together in the night. The venue was the bar, where one of them manages with his friends as a representative. The bar is very unique because all staffs are college students. If you can read Japanese, this article is good for you to what the bar is. We had great night with much alcohol drinks and nice foods. I jumped in the last train and ended my long Saturday.

From left, Yumi, Yuki, Keiji, Macchan, ?. Two from right were just other customers, though. Taito, who is the representative, had to go back home earlier, so not on this pic.


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