My Favorite Chinese Restaurant

Recently I go to a certain nearby Chinese restaurant five or six times a week. The restaurant is called Fukushin, which has over 40 franchise stores around Tokyo. One of them locates just 500 feet away from my apartment. They have several kinds of Ramen noodles, which are very cheap, but decent. Fried rice is also good. Everything is good in this restaurant as far as I tried ever.

I believe I had their signature set meal called “A set” most. “A set” is stir-fried liver and Chinese chive with a cup of rice, pickles and soup. I like ginger pork set meal as well. The following pic is “B set” which is served Ramen noodle with a half cup of fried rice.

I noticed an interesting fact when I looked at their website yesterday. I sometimes order extra large dish, which has doubled quantity of main dish, at the Fukushin. Surprisingly, the extra large menu is only available the Fukushin where I go to almost everyday, although they have more than 40 chains according to the website. I am so lucky and my decision to move here in Akebono-bashi was totally the best one. hahaha. πŸ™‚

The taste is not so unique, but addicted and cannot be bored even you have it everyday. They are really affordable price and served very fast. I should appreciate this Chinese restaurant and recommend to all of you.


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