Baseball, Futsal, and Run

This weekend was sort of training. I am not young from the aspect of the age at least, but ran so much. My hip and leg muscles are sore today. It is a bit hard to climb stairs at train stations, but I don’t dislike it.

Friday night, I played Futsal for two hours at Jingu Gaien, which locates just a mile away from my apartment, so I ran there. Because I don’t have a good skills for controlling soccer ball by feet, I always try running in a court as much as possible. Futsal is the best for training muscles for sprinting with enjoying the games.

I was asked to play baseball game Saturday morning, however the game was canceled due to the shortage of number of players. It was really pity not to play on such a beautiful day. So I decided to jog around the Imperial Palace again. The place is popular for joggers since they have nice green, water and castle views during running. I showed some pictures on the previous post. I jogged a little bit longer than 10 miles with slow pace on this day. It was good practice for next half marathon planned in the end of November.

On Sunday, I participated the team, whom I played for last week, again. Almost all players in this team have experience of playing baseball seriously in their youth. So in the practice and the game, I had comfortable sense of tension. I like the atmosphere of the team. I played center fielder and batted 2nd.

Sports and more …

Between those games, I joined and enjoyed two drinking parties as well as attending a certain Technology Conference for business. What a busy weekend it was, but I like it!


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