Drip Bag Coffee

I might have said about this many times before, but I say again because I can’t tolerate it. Coffee in Japan is much more expensive than in the U.S.!! It costs 340 yen or 4.25 dollars for a tall cup of regular coffee at Starbucks, while it costs only 1.50 dollars in the U.S. (Price is not on the list, but it cost 1.50 at the store on the first floor of my apartment in SF.) The price is almost three times expensive. Recent strong yen is a part of reasons, though.

Coffee beans are expensive, too. We have to pay 12 or 13 dollars for 200 grams beans at Starbucks, while it costs about 10 or 11 dollars for 1 lb or 454 grams in the U.S. It varies depending on what kind of beans you buy. It is roughly twice or three times expensive.

Instead of those disadvantage in prices, we have Japan unique coffee called “drip bag coffee”. I am not sure its origin is Japan, but I guess so because many Japanese products came out on the Google search results. It is quite easy to brew coffee with the drip bag coffee. Here is the picture. Picture is worth a thousand words.

Easy, reasonable, and taste is not good as Starbucks brewed coffee, but much better than instant coffee. So I ordered a hundred of them the other day. I don’t have to worry about purchasing coffee for a while. However, to be honest, I miss the days I walked with holding Starbucks coffee in my hand in beautiful San Francisco.



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