Addicted to Baseball (and Meat)

SF Giants won National Leagued pennant yesterday. Congrats to SF baseball fan, but I am more interested in playing baseball by myself. #fb

I played for two teams this weekend. On Saturday I played for the team I belonged to before going to the U.S in 2008. This is the team I played for over 11 years. When I left them, they had a lovely farewell party for me. However, two years are not short. One third of members were replaced with young players. It is a bit sad, on the other hand it is healthy for organization. Including new member, I rather enjoyed playing the game.

After the game, I and our catcher Dah-yama, who lives near my apartment, went to Korean Town in Shin-Okubo to get some meats and beer. We headed Korean restaurant called Tonchan, which is famous for its Samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal is popular Korean dish, which is a part of pork belly meat. But we found really long queue in front of the place, so changed to another place. I talked to a waiter about Tonchan and came to know that this restaurant uses exactly same meat with the one Tonchan serves. The following picture is Samgyeopsal and Dah-yama, who did not notice his collar folded inside. 🙂

This is Korean alcohol drink, Makgoli. Served by the kettle.

Gamjatang is also popular in this restaurant. Yes, it was awesome!!

Because another team had a game this morning, I woke up early and joined it. This team plays more seriously, so they often do sacrifice bunt. I like the atmosphere in the team, that anybody concentrate and prepare for the game well.

Although I am a middle aged player, I still want to play better. I want to become a better player comparing to me ever. I wonder how I could throw a ball even faster, how I could hit a ball stronger, quite often. Maybe running to train muscles of hips and legs is effective to play baseball better. I ran 12 km in the rain this evening and had meat at my favorite Chinese restaurant as usual.



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