Movie: The Expendables

It is “Movie service day” on the 1st day of every month, when everybody can see a movie at 1,000 yen. Adding on this day, women can see a movie at 1,000 yen on Wednesday of every week. Because regular price, 1,800 yen, is expensive for me, I go to see a movie every service day. As I said before, I saw Salt on September 1st, but missed last month due to work. This month, I could go there as planned. The movie I chose was “The Expendables”.

The Expendables


This is totally action movie, which you do not have to remember details such as people’s role, story, name of the places, etc. The plot does not matter. You should enjoy the actions of the expendables.

For one of the expendables, I felt like I saw him before. I couldn’t recall it until I came back home and check him on the Internet. Dolph Lundgren was the person. Have you ever seen him before?

He was Drago in Rocky 4, who was the tough enemy of Rocky, played by Stallone. Stallone is the director of The Expendable and main character of the movie. So, they are in same team and collaborate at last! (But not always… You’ll see.)

And many other big names are starring this movie including Mickey Rourke, Schwarzenegger, and Blues Willis. The last two men were only a couple scenes, though.

Pictures are from IMDb.



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