UCSD Alumni the 2nd Meetup

We had the first meetup in October. This was the second one which was taken place at my apartment because Yumi, one of the member, said she had a good wine and we could have it at someone’s place. So I provided my apartment as the meetup. However, Yumi forgot to bring the wine! 🙂 We, I almost just saw, cook Korean food, Kimchi soup. It was tasty mostly thanks to the soup which we bought at a grocery store, and of course, thanks to their cook. We enjoyed the cook and lots of beer, Shochu and wine until the last train.

Next morning, I went to Omiya in Saitama to play baseball. We played a doubleheader and I was a starter of the first game. I completed the game, but we lost by 2-1.

I pitched two innings as a closer and shut them out, but we lost the game again… After the games, we went to Korean BBQ restaurant, which was the routine occurrence for the team. The game was the last one of the league this year. I drunk a lot and slept during the party. Probably I was tired by pitching and drinking a lot…


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