Half Marathon Review

It was the third half marathon for me on November 28, Sunday. The race was held in Kawagoe and the name of the event was called “Koedo” Kawagoe Marathon. Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Koedo means the city which has similar features as Edo. Kawagoe still has historical buildings and streets, and we ran though the city of Kawagoe.

I ran 21.1km with 108 minutes and 1 second, which was about 5 minutes behind my record two years ago. The following chart is my lap time of the race. Horizontal axis means kilo meter. Vertical axis means lap time (m:ss). I had a pain in my hamstrings, so worried about it in the first half of the race. But it seemed okay when I ran half. So I accelerated around 10 km and kept the pace half minutes faster than the first half. I probably passed more than 100 runners in the last mile. I finished as just 900th place out of approximately 6000 male participants.

The last one mile was really tough… I grabbed my cap in the right hand.

My friend is an experienced runner. His record was 87 minutes or 160th place.

I entered a full marathon in the end of January, 2011, which was supposed to be my first try for 42.195km. However, it might overlap with my business trip. So I cannot tell when is my next race. I want to run once more in this season before Spring comes. I am not good at running under warm weather.


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